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    ETS with NPM/Orion


      We recently upgraded NPM to V12.  Myself and coworkers have ETS installed on our work stations. We all use the browser integration feature extensively.

      Yesterday afternoon our Security team worked on NPM and enabled https, SSL, port 443, etc.  To get that to work they had to set up a redirect from http to https via

      our F5.  (That part was out of my realm)  Since then the browser integration feature no longer works. Anyone else experience this?  Or did we break it with the F5 thing?

      Thanks, Rick


      Side Note, when we use AD authentication the custom settings anyone sets up in their orion web page goes away.  For example, in the manage nodes screen, I set it up to group by a custom field called City.  Then in the chose columns area I select Location, Polling IP Address, custom field Model Number and another custom field Serial Number.  At the end of the day I log out of the web console.  The next day when logging back in, all my custom settings are gone and console goes to default settings/views.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks Again