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    Update entity status via SDK




      I'd like to change the values of "Status" and/or "StatusLED" columns for entities (mainly a node, an application or a volume) using curl and SDK between polls so they'd show up on the console.  I know I can do that for the node entity via Orion.Nodes table but I can't do the same for applications via Orion.APM.Application table (I believe I can but haven't tried for volumes via Orion.Volumes table).  Is the desired action not allowed for Orion.APM.Application table specifically or we're not allowed to change tables with "APM" in the names in general?


      Please see the attached for what I've done.  Greatly appreciate your help.


      UPDATED: Tried the same action for Orion.Volumes table. No errors and no changes.  "Status" and "StatusLED" remain the same after the curl command to change.


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