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    query registry keys on computers


      So i've been tasked by our security group to create a report that will query registry keys on certain machines. I'm looking at the reports built into Patch Manager, but i'm unable to decipher them.. any assiatance would be greatly appreciated..

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          First you need to change your inventory configuration to pull the data from the registry keys you are interested in.


          Go to Patch Manager System Configuration -> Management Groups -> Managed Enterprise, highlight your domain, right-click and choose Inventory Configuration. Then select your default template, click on the "File, Directory and Registry Datasource Configuration" tab. Once you've finished adding the ones you want, click the Save Template button. Here's an example of the some of the ones I was pulling data for.


          Then your registry reports are under Administration and Reporting -> Reporting -> Configuration Management Reports -> Computer (Registry Information).  Here's two of mine, one that shows versions of PowerShell installed, another that shows machines with 64-bit Office installed.


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