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    Report data for Alert hold off timer


      I am wondering if anyone knows where the Alert Trigger condition - "Condition must exist for " exists in the database.


      I am building a report of all defined alerts and this is the field that I am missing.


      Thanks for any help



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          Alertconfigurations is the table, but your trigger and reset queries are stored in XML syntax in a nvarchar data cell......


          There is a thread where someone was able to pick this out with a report they created. It is something that I have been trying to figure out for a cleaner read all around. I will post the link if I can find the thread.

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              This should help with hunting down cases where that box is checked


              SELECT TOP 1000 AlertID, AlertMessage, AlertRefID, Name, Description, ObjectType, Enabled, Frequency, Trigger, Reset, Severity, NotifyEnabled, NotificationSettings, LastEdit, CreatedBy, Category, Canned

              FROM Orion.AlertConfigurations

              where trigger like '%<SustainTime>%</SustainTime>%'


              Whatever number is between those tags in the trigger is what you are after, just need to write up some SQL to parse it out.

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