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    Why no Report available for the Client


      Why is the Client not a drop down option to pull reports on?

      I want to see who are my top 20 people that call in to the helpdesk.  That's a pretty basic report that I am baffled as to why I can get that data?


      Don't you want to know who your top people are that are calling in to the helpdesk so that you can figure out why they keep calling in?


      For example, see below.  If I had this report I would know Suzie is my top ticket offender with 342 tickets, and she has issues with Email.

      For some odd reason I can't get this report.  Help?!




      Hardware EmailPhoneAdobeTotal
      Suzie Smith23002614342
      Bob Brown120429216
      Jeremy Evans219967214
      Rob Pasting318783201
      Jacob Bueller114270150
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          As crazy as it sounds, there is no Client reporting.  Yes, I would love to know who my heavy hitters are.

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            fluffy midnight

            There's no generic reporting for clients at the time being, many users are wanting this functionality and SolarWinds have picked up on this, they are currently working on this for one of the upcoming releases which will add this functionality to the Technician UI.


            At the time being this is not possible to get out of the help desk, you would have to download a ticket list via the Advanced Ticket Search with criteria to filter down to users and tickets, then run your own reports within Excel.


            If you got a full ticket list and do this you can get an accurate number to client ratio, although it would probably be better to specify to tickets that have been opened within the last month for more accurate and faster results.



            I know you've been on this page before but it's good to have things linked for future reference, as per the Feature Request noted here: Reporting on Clients