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    Code Compliance Report


      I have NCM collecting configs and such from the network.  I am also writing some configuration compliance reports as well and the thought came up as to why can't I do this type of check for code compliance.


      \What do I mean by code compliance?  Here are some examples:


      I want to check if the following code is on these particular models.  If it is not, I want it to fail a compliance check and be alerted to this failure.


      N9K-C9300 7.0(3)I5(2)

      N9K-C9500 7.0(3)I5(2)

      WS-C2960S 15.0.2-SE11

      WS-C2960X 15.2.2E7



      I haven't been able to find a report that already exists or a way to do this in the compliance area.  I found an old article from 2014 that asks for almost this exact thing, but there was no resolution.


      Any way to do this now that it is 2018??