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    Change URL of WHD?


      Hi all. Can someone provide instructions for changing the URL of WHD to something like helpdesk.mycompany.com instead of server:port/helpdesk/blahblahblah? I would appreciate it.



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          It is under Setup > General > Options > Server DNS Name


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              This is not helpful at all - it just change the name on the web helpdesk log in page not actual URL

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                  Sorry, I realize now that I didn't provide the full steps, only the relevant steps once you are in the helpdesk portal itself.


                  It's been a few years since I set it up but I think this is right.


                  (1) Add an entry in your DNS settings. Right click on your forward lookup Zone and choose new Host. Type in the name "helpdesk" and put in the IP address of your server.  Under Setup > General > Options > Server DNS Name on the website itself (as shown above) put in the FQDN helpdesk.mycompany.com (or .local, etc.).


                  (2) Log on the helpdesk server. Change the default port on the whd.conf (C:\Program Files\WebHelpDesk\conf) file to 80 as seen in the administrative guide here (just steps 1-3) so that way you can use the default http port without having to put in the 8081 port at the end.


                  (3) Reboot the server/Restart Web Help Desk.