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    XenCenter Citrix Environment Netpath receives DNS error


      We are running XenCenter 7.1 and our Orion Server is Virtualized, running on a Windows Server 2012 R2. SolarWinds is on Platform 2017.1.3 SP3 NPM 12.1 Netpath 1.1.0

      The issue we have had since I have moved into this role is that no matter what Netpath is built and run it always shows a DNS error, no matter what port (80/443/etc..) using both named and IP targets. More accessible targets like Google have been used but with the same result, yet we can connect to them from both web and ping/tracert.

      With SW Support many diags have been run without resulting in a solution, as well we tryed npcap instead of WinPcap, and various config changes within Orion, what finally worked (sort of) today was creating a Windows 2012 Server in VM Virtual box on a physical Windows 7 Desktop (Outside of the Xencenter Environment. I created an agent on both of these and then assigned a node on existing Netpath Services jobs and it works.

      So it seems to suggest perhaps the issue is a Citrix issue or a Configuration within the Citrix VM.

      Does anyone here also run a XenCenter Citrix Environment or experienced the Netpath issue within a Citrix environment