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    Dependency for down nodes


      We have set it up dependency for our branch sites. Parent is Core switches and WAN router. Child is servers and other network devices. In other part, we have configured alerts for when a node goes down. I know this dependecy work like, when a parent group is down all the child group nodes will be unreachable and we won't get down alerts for child nodes. My question is, when power outage/WAN link outage in a branch site, all the nodes status will be changed to down.. after how long will take time to work the dependency concept.? Because as soon as the node is down, the alerts will be triggered for all the down nodes.. after if the dependency change the child group nodes to unreachable, then no use of dependency. May be we can setup the alert condition exist for 10 minutes.. but already we are polling 10 minutes interval. so some scenarion it will be like after 20+ minutes only we will get an alert for the down nodes. We don't want setup like this. Any suggestion please..