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    Updated Ticket notification emails


      Hi there,


      I'm quite new to the WEB HelpDesk scene so any help is greatly appreciated.


      We currently have our Help desk configured with email notifications.


      When a ticket is opened(status open) an email goes out to the user.

      When  a ticket is updated with information and, add notes changed status etc. a notification can be sent out but it needs to be done manually by the tech working on the ticket by ticking the radio buttons in the recipients.

      When a ticket is set to  status closed and email notification can be sent out but the recipients need to be set automatically before the save and send email is pressed.


      The opened ticket notifications is  shows a brief message that you have open-ended a ticket

      Openen ticket email


      While the updated and Closed ticket show too much information for the user


      Closed Ticket



      Is there a way to set helpdesk up so that the In progress status Updated ticket notification emails it shows the latest notes somewhere in the beginning of the email so that the user can see what is going on with the progress of their ticket without scrolling through a lot of unnecessary information?

      Similarly with Closed tickets we would need the same sort of emails as the opened one but with the closing notes.


      Also is there away to automate the recipient radio buttons to always be ticked on the client?


      Thanks Regards,


      Alejandro Auscarria