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    AppInsight for SQL - Windows Credential Test Fail


      Hi All,


      I'm attempting to setup AppInsight for SQL on a Node through an Agent.


      There is a Windows Domain account for the Monitor to use in the Domain the node is connected to.  When i enter this it fails.  I have entered my own domain account and this also fails the test.

      I know my account works, as i can access the Server / Node directly and login to SQL server using SSMS as expected.


      This approach works on two other setups so far.  The test results isn't returning any other information than Test Failed which is a little frustrating.  The test works with a SQL Server account, but i should be using the windows account for accountability.


      Has anyone else encountered this? or know a way forward?


      Many Thanks

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          how do you have the credentials set on the template? Go to the node and to the application. Click edit and the "chose credential type" what is it set to? Sometime i have to do "auto-detect" and then sometime i have to do "sql server credentials". Usually when it fails for me it's set to "windows credentials".


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              I tried this and still get the same failure :-(


              SO, i did a bit more digging and looked through the SQL Logs.


              Even i set the Credential Type to Auto or Windows, i still get the following entry in the SQL error log:

              Login failed for user 'XXXXXX\.solarwinds-agent'. Reason: Attempting to use an NT account name with SQL Server Authentication. [CLIENT: <local machine>]


              This is working on other servers on other domains fine.

              I cant see any differences with the way the accounts are set up.


              A SQL credential still works fine.

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              Found the Issue :-)


              The account needs to be granted 'Log on as a Batch Job'

              1. In the Control Panel, open Administrative Tools, then Local Security Policy.
              2. Beneath Security Settings, open Local Policies and highlight User Rights Assignment.
              3. Locate Log on as a batch job. Open the properties and add any users that need this right.
              4. When finished, save your changes and close the Local Security Settings window.


              I'm all working now :-)