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    Dameware and windows 10 1709 master browser not showing MS Windows Network FIXED!


      So after upgrading my M.2 240ssd to a 1TB m.2 I figured I would reinstall windows 10 and go with the latest creators version 1709. After installing Dameware Remote Support 12.05.6002 I no longer saw the MS network section expanded in the master browser with all my windows devices like it had in previous versions of windows, including previous windows 10. 1703


      Well after contacting solarwinds support and working through the issue, as well as searching on google for this issue. I came across  Microsoft disabling smbv1 in windows 10 1709 by default. After I went in to contol panel, add/remove programs, and windows features turn on/off I renabled the smbv1 protocol and now the MS windows network section is once again populating.  Ive attached a screen shot of the place to check.

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          I have had the same issue with same Windows version for some time now.  Read about the SMBv1 in other topics and windows networking but always saw many disclaimers about *Do not re-Enable* based on security purposes.  Thus, I haven't done this and now rely on AD browsing in DRS or DMRC to access machines.  I wish Solarwinds would update the program to fix this or at least fix what it can. 


          Another issue I am seeing is in DRS the "Processes" of a remote host are not showing either, thus trying to view or kill them in DRS is no longer available.


          Please fix this program.  I hope this program isn't on the chopping block but it sure does appear that it could be headed that way.