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    Next Ticket Cursor + Limit to Assigned Tech Group Permission


      Hi All,

      We've run into this odd issue in WHD when you are viewing your ticket details and want to advance to the next ticket by clicking on the cursors on the top right.  Normally it would advance to the next ticket but instead the tech gets a "Unable to open ticket XXXXX.  The ticket was deleted or you do not have the proper credentials." error page.  This is not the case as the tech is able to view their tickets by searching or viewing in the columns/rows view.


      I discovered the only way to avoid this is to uncheck "Limit to Assigned Tech Group Permission" in the Tech Permissions but that isn't prudent as we want to limit the kinds of tickets technicians can view.


      Could this be a bug in WHD 12.5.2 or another setting I need to set?