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    Run Tech Account Total report




      We're running WHD 12.5.1, and are preparing to upgrade to WHD 12.5.2. I was wondering if someone can help guide me with the following;

      I want to run a report that tells me how many total Tech Accounts we have. This is so we can then, verify each Tech account to make sure they have a client account linked to their Tech account?


      Thank you,

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          Did you see this Hotfix - it runs a script to identify your tech accounts - you don't have to install

          the Hotfix, just use it to identify them....


          SolarWinds® Web Help Desk® 12.5.1 Hotfix 1

          This hotfix addresses a vulnerability that may exist in Web Help Desk deployments
          where client users are connected to a Web Help Desk tech through LDAP.

          In some situations, the LDAP connection between the tech and client may allow
          unauthorized access to private information. To check your deployment for this

          1. Locate the script included with this hotfix that corresponds with your
          database application.

          2. Connect to the database instance using a database management tool (such as
          Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio).

          3. Using the management tool, run the script on your Web Help Desk database
          to check the LDAP connection to each tech in your deployment.

          If a vulnerability does not exist, the script does not generate any data. The
          vulnerability check is completed.

          If a vulnerability exists, the script returns a list of tech accounts affected

          by the vulnerability. If this occurs, run the second script. This script

          performs the following actions: