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    AWS Cloud Monitoring


      Hi all,


      I am having a slight problem.  I have configured AWS Cloud Monitoring in SAM 6.4 and I am able to see all of my EC2 Instances but I am not getting any data from the servers.  I am assuming this is a problem with my AWS CloudWatch account permissions and not an issue with SolarWinds communicating with AWS.  Our cloud team tells me that the permissions are set properly, I just want to know if anyone else has experienced this and if it was related to permissions.

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          I know this is several months later but I have the exact same issue I think.  I setup permissions in AWS correctly and even tested with a Global Admin account with the same results.  I do see all the different instances as well as the instance type and other AWS related data... but I'm not able to see the instance IP address, volumes, or any performance data.  With that said, I'm also unable to manage the instances as Orion nodes.. because it's not pulling their IPs.  I opened a ticket for this issue but they were unable to figure out what was wrong...it even made its way up to the devs.  We closed the ticket with the assumption that after upgrading, this problem would go away.  Unfortunately, after upgrading SAM, the issue did not go away.  We are not using this feature because it just doesn't work.