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    Alert stopped repeating after reboot


      I am having an issue with a disk usage of 90% alert that I have created. The alert sent emails on the day of our patch window prior to reboots in our environment. Both the Orion Server and the node that had the alert triggered were rebooted. After the servers came back up the node should have triggered the alert again but did not send any emails even though the disk usage was above the threshold for the alert. Is there a bug or known issue of a server reporting on an alert then after rebooting the node and orion it stops repeating the alert.


      The settings of the alert say if a fixed disk is above 90% send emails every 10 minutes until cleared. The alert sent 3 times then the reboots happened and no more alerts came in.


      Thank you for the help in advance i called support for this and they are convinced it is communication with the node but it is reporting/alerting fine with new alerts.