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    WHD outgoing email settings


      Hi every one,

      I want to ask about WHD outgoing email address settings, we implement WHD in our company and I am new to WHD, I have to set email accounts for WHD. I have configured successfully incomming email account but i don't have to correct idea about outgoing Email accout. When I configured the outgoing email accout by giving my exchange server IP address and default port 25 it gave me error that "could not connect to SMTP host : X.X.X.X,  port:25, response: 421"

      I can ping my exchange server, I can open web mail and I configured imcomming email account successfully so i don't know why I am recieving this error.

      2nd thing I want to know about outgoing email settings that can we use same email account for incomming and outgoing email.

      Kindly explain that what is the purpose of outgoing Email for WHD, What is the recommended way to configured it and why I am facing the above error.

      hoping for a quick reply from experts,

      Thanks in advance

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          The mail server you point to for the Outgoing Mail Settings needs to be configured to "relay" email messages out (e.g. you need to point it to an SMTP Server).

               If you're using an internal Exchange environment for your mail you'll need to configure Exchange to have an SMTP server (if you haven't already).  

               If you're using an external email service like Office 365 or Gmail, you'll need to use their SMTP server to do the relay of messages.


          The port is probably the first thing i'd check.

          The default protocol for SMTP is port 25...but if your SMTP server is configured to use SSL or TLS, the port will be different.   I believe it is port 465 for SSL or port 587 for TLS.