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    Calling all SQL, SWQL, NCM, NPM, IPAM, and UDT experts:  How can I leverage Solarwinds' resources to generate a report that lists network subnets, per location and per network switch?


      I have Solarwinds IPAM and UDT and NPM and NCM.  Each contain various parts of the above request.  If only there were a canned report for what I need.  Or, if only I knew how to generate a SQL or SWQL report that would create a table showing the following:


      1. The list of all network switches
      2. The location (site and network room) in which each switch is installed
      3. The list of VLAN's on each switch
      4. The subnet associated with each VLAN ID
      5. Optional:  The VLAN on each switch port (or the list of VLANs on a port, if its a trunk port)


      Some subnets and VLANs are spanned to more than one switch, so the list of all network switches should associate to multiple rows for several VLAN's.


      Alternately, a subnet / VLAN that shows up on two or switches must show all switches they're on in the output of the query.


      To make it more interesting, different sites use the same VLAN ID's, but use different subnets on those VLANs.


      This info is all inside Solarwinds.  But I don't know how to put it together into a useful output.



      Can you help me gather this data into a SQL or SWQL generated report?


      Or, is there a canned report in Solarwinds that can list this much information?  If so, what's the name of the report?



      Since this looks like a fun database exercise, I hope some of you won't mind me tagging you:






      Better still, if you have any training guides you share with your teams, for learning how to build and generate SWQL or SQL queries like this, you'll be the one teaching me to fish, instead of giving me a fish.