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    Network Sonar Discovery Scheduler Not Working


      I have been using Solarwinds for a number of years and have successfully used the scheduler for the network sonar discovery in the past.  I had to setup the schedule discovery, do a run now and then the schedule would resume from that point in time.


      Since the addition of the Starting From field in the advance, I've not been able to get them to work properly.  I have a number of /16 networks that I divide into /18 networks throughout the day to run at a rolling interval (every 6 days at particular times of the day).  As an example, I setup yesterday 4 schedules to run at 0800, 1000, 1300, and 1530 hrs starting today at the appropriate times...none of them have ran (still waiting for the 4th)...my experience is that they and all the others I have setup will run all at once on an arbitrary day...making the use of the schedule and the starting from, pointless.



      The scheduled every 2nd Wednesday worked, but the others were set for every 6 days starting on different days, but ended up running on the same day as all others.


      Any one with similar problem that have resolved this?