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    How to clear error from MOM in V_Center

    krishna mishra



      If we are monitor the ESXi by V_Center way, in this situation sometime we are getting the h/w error in solarwinds but when we are checking in esxi, error not there, so we should check MOB of the V_Center where esxi is connected.


      like a Memory example..

      Open the VMware vCenter server's MOB web link using your Internet browser (https://[your_vCenter_server_address]/mob) and follow this path:
      content -> rootFolder -> childEntity -> hostFolder -> childEntity -> host [select appropriate host] -> runtime -> healthSystemRuntime -> hardwareStatusInfo -> memoryStatusInfo


      By Above checks we will found the error of respective h/w component, now question is how to clear the error in MOB.


      Use the below step .


      To clear this message you need to follow below process-


      disconnect host from vcenter.

      2. Restart agents in the host.

      3. connect host in vcenter.