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    Question on average utilization


      On the NPM 12.2, how can you get the the report from NPM the give a summary of average interface utilization within the three months?

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          Mark Roberts

          You may be referring to either reports or a detail page:



          1. Go to Reports area

          2. On the Group by select change to 'Report Category'

          3. Select Historical Traffic Reports

          4. Identify an appropriate report you wish to base this on, probably Average & Peak Traffic Last Month

          5. Go TO Manage Reports and select the report and choose Duplicate & Edit

          6. Change the name and the time period to reflect your new value ie. 3 months

          7. Save


          Node/Interface Details


          I tend to create a new sub tab, copy over the chart showing the Today time period to that Tab. From there Edit the chart resource and change the time period to 3 months, together with the title.


          Repeat for other charts and name the Tab Historic Analysis. As I say I tend to create a sub tab with a collection of charts showing a longer period of time. This means the default page does not take a long time to process a larger data set and when clicking on this sub tab I am prepared to wait a few more seconds for that data set.


          I hope this helps.


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