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    Issues with NTA/NCM


      Hi all,


      I was wondering if anyone can provide some advice/ shed some light on what I'm doing wrong.


      My NTA stops working about a couple of hours showing data not available and I'm forced to run a sonar discovery in order for it to show again (Currently its running every hour). Every time I've run sonar discovery I lose my previous data.

      This happens at intervals of a few hours, I've changed and switched from SNMP v2 to SNMP v1. Checked my polling settings, everything seems to check out ok.


      I'm trying to monitor my cisco routers, using netflow to monitor traffic.


      I would appreciate any help/advise on this issue that I'm facing.


      Thank you!

        • Re: Issues with NTA/NCM
          Mark Roberts

          I am intrigued as to why running a sonar discovery works, as this would imply that Interface Index values are changing, but unless you only have 1 device source within NTA I would be surprised if this is happening across multiple devices at the same time.


          Things to review:


          1. What does the Netflow Events resource show - are there references to receiving flow data on an unmonitored interface? If so you need to inestigate if Interface Index values on your device sources are changing (if they are)

          2. Do any of the Orion services stop running

          3. What do the Business Layer and NTA logs show


          This may be a support case to raise as that may be a quicker resolution to a situation that should not be occuring.