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    NetPath Issues


      I'm working on setting up Netpath to monitor some issues we are having between some remote sites and our on prem exchange server.  The network isn't anything to complicated, but these DAG exchange servers are sitting behind a Barracuda load blancer.  I installed the agent on one of the workstations at this site and put in the address of our exchange server.  I can see on the map that it has the work station, and two switches then the load balancer.  Only issue is that there should be a about 5.  But for some reason it doesn't seem to be picking up some of them, all but one we are already getting info from as they are setup in NPM.  On the other side, I put in our load balcer and a network path to both the exchange servers in our DAG.  These are VM's in vmware (the LB is a physical appliance) and it's only showing a connection directly from the email servers to the LB.  But there are a few switches between that two (again that we are already monitoring in NPM and NTA) that don't show up.  I was also hoping once I had these set up I would see an end to end map, but apparently this isn't possible, I have to click on each sub path to look for our issues when the users are reporting a problem?


      I should also add, this isn't going through a FW or anything, we do layer three routing on these switches, and they are all managed switches.  And I can't find any ACL's or anything that would be blocking any type of traffic.