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    Serv-U MFT Web Client Pro and Java version


      I just upgraded Serv-U FTP to Server-I MFT version 15.1.6 and not be able to get the Web Client Pro working.

      I enable Web Client Pro for the user.  When the user logs in, they get the error JRE could not be detected on this computer.

      I opened a ticket with Solarwinds tech support for a week now and didn't get much help but suggesting to try different Java versions.

      I have tried Java version 6, 7 and 8 on Windows 7 machine but still get the same error.


      If you know how to make Web Client Pro to work with certain Java version or settings on both Serv-U MFT and Windows 7, please let me know.

      I am not impressed with Solarwinds Tech Support at this time.



      Hien Doan