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    Website configuration failed


      I've uninstalled the legacy version and trying to use 2.0 I get the error below when completing the wizard. I've removed all sites from IIS, removed all old files (setups and inetpub folder), even reinstalled IIS. I've been struggling with this for a few days. Any ideas?


      Wizard error


      Error when browsing


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          Not sure what you mean by uninstalling the legacy version did you not just upgrade?


          what version are you on?

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            David Smith

            Hi - EOC Support notes do state that you can't upgrade and that you need to install fresh on a new server. As you mention about removing IIS etc did you start from a fresh OS or did you just uninstall and install the new version?


            You cannot install EOC 2.0 on the same server as a previous version. Because EOC 1.x and EOC 2.0 will be installed on different servers, it is possible to continue to run EOC 1.x as you transition to EOC 2.0.

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              I've installed it on a fresh server, it still displayed the error during the configuration wizard, but the site now works.  I could not determine as to what was the problem.

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                I also experienced this issue with my EOC install.  Here is my scenario and preceding steps:


                - Existing EOC 1.x install on the only server available that meets the EOC 2.x requirements.

                - Backup of the EOC database

                - Backup of the EOC server

                - Uninstall EOC 1.x

                - Remove IIS feature

                - Rename \inetpub folder to \oldinetpub

                - Rename \programdata\solarwinds folder to \programdata\oldsolarwinds

                - Rename \program files (x86)\solarwinds folder to \program files (x86)\oldsolarwinds

                - (DoD environment) Ensure latest Windows Server 2012 R2 security patches and configurations (multiple restarts)

                - Download the latest Offline installer for EOC

                - Communicate with HIPS administrators to temporarily disable security restrictions on EOC server

                - On EOC server, open administrative command prompt

                - Navigate to installer folder location and execute "Solarwinds-Orion-EOC-2.0-OfflineInstaller.exe"

                - Installer completes the initial setup of components, launches the Configuration Wizard

                - Configuration wizard gets to finalizing the wizard, but during the "Validating Website" step, the wizard fails with the 500 Internal Server error


                I attempted the installation a few more times, each time cleaning up my previous attempts and trying a little something new (registry backup/cleanup, uninstalling additional monitoring agents, etc).  Unfortunately, all my attempts were unsuccessful and eating up hours of my busy day.  Created service request #00076094, and called support to be put on hold for extended periods, but was finally able to talk to a support tech.


                Here is what the Support Tech had me do:

                - Open Appwiz.cpl from an administrative command prompt

                - Locate "Solarwinds Orion Core Services 2017.3", right-click, select "Repair"

                - The Configuration Wizard runs automagically at the end of the repair

                - Same results

                - Verified Web Certificate name, aliases, and Signature hash algorithm (sha256), and Thumbprint algorithm (sha1)

                - Verified certificate "SolarWinds-Orion" which is created during the configuration wizard, and came to the AHA! Moment

                - The "SolarWinds-Orion" certificate had mismatched algorithms and was resulting in the 500 internal server error trying to load the website

                - The "SolarWinds-Orion" certificate is generated by .NET processes, and if your system has .NET 4.7 installed, the certificate created is malformed

                - Back to appwiz.cpl, view installed updates, locate the KB article components related to .NET 4.7:

                -- KB3186505 (not found on my system)

                -- KB3186539 (found and uninstalled on my system)

                - Back to the Orion Core Services Repair, but it still failed.

                - Removed Silverlight (installed and unused on this server), reran the repair, but it still failed.

                - Using google fu, found an additional KB article component which needed to be removed:

                -- KB4033369 (found and uninstalled on my system)

                - Reran the repair and config wizard to SUCCESS!


                I later did some checking and found some NPM Orion articles discussing the removal of .NET 4.7, but they did not mention KB4033369.


                Sorry for the lengthy missive, but I hope to help others avoid the dizzying circles I endured.


                Good Luck!

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                    chippershredder- Unfortunately there is no upgrade path from EOC 1.6.3 to 2.0, and installing EOC 2.0 on a machine that previously ran 1.6.3 also presents a number of issues.  The following steps would need to occur prior to installing 2.0:


                    1) Stop all EOC services.

                    2) Uninstall all EOC components from "Programs and Features".

                    3) In IIS manager, remove "SolarWinds EOC" site and "SolarWinds EOC" application pool.

                    4) Delete EOC database.

                    5) Delete the following folders:

                    C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds



                    6)Delete "SolarWinds Information Service" inbound rule from Windows Firewall.

                    7)Delete "SolarWinds EOC" and "SolarWinds-Orion" computer certificates.

                    8)Restart machine.