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    How might a person create a query that combined Syslog error messages with UDT information to discover problem devices on given ports?


      I've a number of PC's or TC's that generate this syslog error that shows up in NPM's Syslog Messages view:



      I'd like to learn how to create a query that would display the UDT information learned about every port / switch with this error, taken from the Syslog Messages information.


      Suppose there are 50 devices generating the error on 40 different switches.  They'll all show up with switch name & port info in NPM's Syslog Messages.  I could parse out the information from the Syslog messages, and put it into pretty much any format for use in SDK's SWQL queries, or SQL queries in some other report--if only I knew how to query the Orion database for the UDT information about these nodes' ports.


      Is there a way to do this?


      Maybe Radioteacher or sqlrockstar or aLTeReGo could point me at some resources, or provide suggestions & examples?