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    Juniper SRX Topology Infomation




      We have just deployed 2 Juniper SRX 345's in our data centre and would like to be able to connect them in atlas via "connect now" and view the Link % utilisation etc


      We have previously worked exclusively with Cisco gear and this function works fine.


      However now with these devices I cannot seem to get them to connect to other kit in the data centre, I have made sure L3 topology is selected (no option for layer 2 is given in the Junipers)


      We cant be the only people using Juniper and Solarwinds NPM - has anyone ran into this issue before and how did you get it working ?


      We are running NPM12.1 and the Junos version is 15.1X49




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          As you said yourself, the layer 2 is not given for the junipers because they don't report some of the info that Solarwinds uses for the topo mapping on the same OID Solarwinds is expecting to find it on.  The list they look at is documented here


          Topology related OIDs polled by the Orion Platform - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


          If your devices don't support those OID's or they don't show up the way Solarwinds expects them to (Juniper is typically the latter) then you are essentially out of luck with the topology features.  For the EXTREMELY dedicated I've rigged up schemes where I manually populated the topology tables in SQL and forced the connections to show up, but most people don't want to take on that burden of doing it by hand.