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    Sync IPAM Subnets with IPAM DNS


      Is there a way to sync the subnets in IPAM under IP Management to the DNS Zones in IPAM DNS management?


      I can't seem to figure it out, I have set a DNS server on the subnet and now DNS records are syncing


      Thanks and Happy Holidays

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          I have the same question, I deleted 48 reservations from the DHCP Server, however when I scan the subnet the deleted reservations continue to show in IPAM. I also set the subnet ip addresses from used/reserved to available re-ran the scan and they deleted reservations re-appeared. I've checked the DHCP Server and the reservations have been deleted.

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            My issue turned out to be a problem on the dhcp server, the reservations that were deleted were not removed from the leased addresses. When trying to delete the leases I was getting a message saying that the "pipe was being closed", I had to go in and create a reservation for the deleted address, have a device pick up the address, and then delete the reservation. That cleared up the lease. Too bad I had to rinse and repeat 47 more times but, it solved my problem.


            FYI, I also tried to replicate the scope from a backup dhcp server (that was not showing the leases) to the primary dhcp server but that didn't work either.

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