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    Gear Warranty or EOL


      Is there a way in the reports to setup a End Of Life report on cisco gear? So far NMP and NCM does all that prime can do just about. I have not seen a report of End of Life yet. If not can we get SW to communicate with cisco to pull this information?

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          There is an NCM feature for tracking EOS notices from cisco, but I find that it is pretty hit or miss.  I don't know if the way prime does it is more consistent/accurate but in NCM they pull down a list of EOS notices from cisco and parse them for impacted models, then compare that to your Machine Type values and tries to let you know if there is a match.  The part where it falls apart is that a LOT of cisco hardware reports their machine type back as something too generic, such as just being Cisco, or 37xx, which is not enough info to reliably match to the parsed announcements.  You can modify the node details poller to use different OID's than default to get more accurate machinetypes, but I personally have never gone back into NCM to check if things are more accurate after setting up those customized details pollers.  All told it tends to be a fair amount of tweaking to get it all set up and none of my clients have wanted to invest the time for me to get it all dialed in for them.