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    nta custom report

    jayshree vispute

      specific interface traffic utilisation along with application the user accessing the url and port details source, destination

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          No netflow tool would have all of that info.  Netflow protocol only reads packet headers and headers don't contain user info.


          You can get source IP and Port, protocol, destination IP and port, and bytes/packets counters


          IN_BYTES1Ingress bytes counter
          IN_PKTS2Ingress packets counter
          PROTOCOL4Layer 4 protocol
          L4_SRC_PORT7Source TCP/UDP port
          IPV4_SRC_ADDR8Source IP address
          INPUT_SNMP10SNMP ingress interface index
          L4_DST_PORT11Destination TCP/UDP port
          IPV4_DST_ADDR12Destination IP address
          OUTPUT_SNMP14SNMP egress interface index