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    Cleaning orphaned warranty status from P2V'd machines?


      We've migrated to a 99% virtualized environment over the past five years. A side effect of P2Ving so many machines is the orphaned 'warranty status' that seems to remain, despite rediscovery and accurate polling as a virtual machine.

      Anyone else dealing with this? If so, what was your best method to clean up the bogus data?


      Thanks in advance!

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          First, did you uninstall the Openmanage/insight/whatever software from the servers after you p2v them?  If that software is still running it likely has the stale data in it.


          Assuming that the software is not running but SAM still shows stale data the way I might try to clean it up would be to list resources on the server and uncheck the boxes for asset inventory and for hardware health (hardware health shouldn't show up as a choice if the physical server vendor's software isn't running) then run a database maintenance.  After that is done I'd take a look at the AssetInventory_ServerInformation table in the database.  I'm thinking if their cleanup is done right it shouldn't have anything left for the nodes where we removed asset inventory.  Turn asset inventory back on and I'd expect things to be fresh and clean.  If that didn't do the job I'd probably snap a backup, and end up scouring the database anywhere that looked like it might have server warranty info, but YMMV and support could probably show you the specific tables in question.

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