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    Unable to Retrieve Excel Files Report with Scheduler using SSL CA Certificate


      Hi everyone, hope your day are going well.


      We have an issue about the report scheduler on Solarwinds NPM here, we unable to attach report file on excel type in the body email with scheduler and the error message was "Unable to retrieve url: https://myfqdnNPMserver.mydomain.co.id:443/Orion/Report.aspx?ReportID=176 using Excel type.".

      I already tried to change the server name using IP Address of Solarwinds Server instead of FQDN, but it's still facing the same issue.

      I checked the SSL binding on the IIS Server and also make sure that the Orion website is listening on all IP addresses as resolution from https://support.solarwinds.com/Success_Center/Network_Performance_Monitor_(NPM)/Unable_to_retrieve_URL_using_Excel_type and https://support.solarwinds.com/Success_Center/Network_Performance_Monitor_(NPM)/Unable_to_retrieve_the_PDF_CSV_or_URL_of_scheduled_reports given, I can confirmed the binding is already correct and IP address is set to All Unassigned with port 443.

      We are using SSL Certificate generated from our internal CA server here for the https binding, then I tried to change the SSL certificate binding with Self-Certificate generate by Solarwinds Server itself and then the scheduler is working well (excel file could attached on the email).

      I already put the SSL Certificate given by our CA Server to trusted ones in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities (re: https://support.solarwinds.com/Success_Center/Network_Performance_Monitor_(NPM)/Add_certificate_to_Trusted_ones) in the Solarwinds Server and change the binding back to SSL Cert given by the CA Server, but the error is still happening.

      Somehow this issue happened only if we set scheduler to attach XLS and CSV files, for the HTML and PDF it's working well.

      Is there any advice related this issue? Our company has a concern about SSL Certificate that it must use certificate from our internal CA Server generated so it's no allowed to using Self-Certificate.

      Thanks for your help and sorry for my bad english .

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          I went through the same steps as you did above and finally gave up and opened up a support ticket (#00044911) and the support engineer told me it had something to do with company certificate. The .log file only showed errors when creating the .xls or .csv when retrieving the the SSL certificate.to make the file. The final recommendation was "double check your company SSL certificate settings." I contacted our company Security IS group who made the certificate and they said the certificate has no such settings to exclude those files being generated from an internal server. So basically, SolarWinds says it's our fault, my company says it's SolarWinds' fault. Either way, I'm still not getting .xls or .csv from the scheduler. Only .pdf and .html of which I can export to .xls through the web report "Export to Excel" link. So I'm just doing that for now until I ask to reopen the case.

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            I'm having a similar issue.

            When you hit the export link, does it redirect you back to the "Manage Reports" view?