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    Alert when an interface becomes active for the first time


      I'm looking to set up an alert when an interface on our switch comes up for the first time. Say we set up a new switch, and none of the ports are active, but they are enabled. When new equipment is plugged into the switch, an interface comes up that has been down. I want an alert as to what interface that had been down for lets say 2 weeks has just come up as active. That way, I can log into the switch and set the port up on the correct VLAN for the new equipment.


      I don't want the alert to trigger if someone shuts down their computer on Friday, (interface is down), then starts up the computer on Monday (Interface comes up after 2.5 days). I'd like to avoid a false positive of "new" equipment being plugged in.


      If Interface has been in status Down for 14 days or more, then Interface status changes to Up, send an alert. How would I go about setting this in Network Performance Monitor?

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          This is how I would do this.


          First create a custom property for your interfaces, I'd call it Inactive, and make it a true/false  (I chose inactive as opposed to active because t/f properties default to false)  I'd probably make sure the description said something like "DO NOT TOUCH" because I don't want anyone messing with it by hand.


          Then I'd create an interface alert with a condition of interface is down and has to stay that way for 14 days.

          Resets automatically after 1 minute

          The alert action would be to set a custom property, where it sets inactive to true.


          The sets the stage for our second alert, this one triggers if interface status = up and interface Inactive = true, sends me an email that a previously inactive interface is now in use.


          There are a couple ways you could tweak the logic if needed in your environment but that should be enough to get the ball rolling.