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    UDT Can't find Port where device is connected to


      Hi everyone,

      I just installed UDT 3.3 (30 days test license) on our environment (NPM 12.2, NCM 7.7, IPAM 4.5.2)

      I added 2 switches to our UDT for testing. 1 core switch and 1 access switch.

      Did a port discovery for those devices and they are now showing on UDT.


      BUT... I can't see the VLAN or MAC Address that are on the ports.


      I then added a device to the watch-list and I can see that it get's the correct VLAN and Subnet but it tracks it to the Layer 3 interface on the Core switch and not on the interface on the access switch.



      Does anyone have the same issue?

      BTW my access switch is a Cisco Catalyst 2960-X.

      on the Discovery I marked it to get Layer 2 and Layer 3 Topology.