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    How to check SNMP polling in bulk...?


      I would like to know how can we check devices have an established connection to my solarwinds monitoring server via SNMP. I have around 300+ new network devices to be configured monitoring. I need to verify SNMP polling of each and every device. I tried the pollercheckertool.exe that comes with NPM by default. But I'm unable to add new devices in it's list. Is there a way I can utilize that tool to check polling or else is there any other recommended method to do the same....?

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          David Smith

          Hi vijaydaniel

          I'm not sure if I understand what you want to do. Are you trying to verify the polling method of nodes already discovered in your SolarWinds, or are you trying to discover if new devices yet to be imported are capable of supporting SNMP?




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            You could run a discovery or several discoveries.  Use selected SNMP credentials.  No need to import anything--just look for cases where you have ICMP-only connectivity or where you have no visibility into volumes and interfaces.

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              If you just want to view the polling method for nodes already in Solarwinds, you can do this by going to Manage Nodes, click the blue arrows on the top right to add a column, scroll to the bottom of the list and check the Polling Method box. You will then see a new column showing WMI, SNMP, ICMP, etc.

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                if looking to confirm that the poller can access networks device with SNMP then use SNMP Sweep from the Engineers toolset if you have it, add in the IP's you want and the strings to test.




                If don't have that then try the free port scanner and scan for udp port 161 to see if you can access the port.  As long as not showing as closed you have access to the SNMP port, doesn't check SNMP access itself.


                FREE Port Scanner | SolarWinds


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                  Hi, we have had the same problem, verifying if all nodes are reachable with the defined pollingmethod (icmp or snmp)

                  We have made a custom SWQL query to solve that, maybe it solves also your problem:

                  I think it should be standard in NPM, but happily you can create your own tools in Solarwinds !



                  SELECT N.Caption AS [Node Name],

                         '/Orion/images/StatusIcons/Small-' + StatusIcon AS [_IconFor_Node Name],

                         DetailsUrl AS [_LinkFor_Node Name],

                         N.ip_address as [IP],

                         N.detailsurl as[_linkfor_IP],

                         N.ObjectSubType AS [Polling],

                         N.MachineType AS [Type],

                         N.LastSystemUpTimePollUtc AS [Last_SNMP_Poll]

                  FROM Orion.Nodes N


                  (((DayDiff (N.LastSystemUpTimePollUtc, GetUTCDate()) > 0.04167 OR N.Status = '2') AND N.ObjectSubType = 'SNMP' AND NOT (N.Status) in ('9', '11'))


                  (N.ObjectSubType = 'ICMP' AND N.Status <> '1'))

                  ORDER BY N.StatusLED ASC,  Last_SNMP_Poll DESC





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                    I'm not entirely certain about what you're looking for...but I have found that sometimes the machine type gets "stuck"....even on nodes that are not correctly polling via SNMP.  What I have found to work though, is isolating the OID parameter instead of machine type.  If you create a custom report with the below, it might be what you're looking for.




                    (Nodes.ObjectSubType = 'SNMP' AND Nodes.SysObjectID = '');

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                      David Smith

                      As per my first post, we all really need to understand exactly what it is you want to achieve as there is a lot of speculation at this moment in time. Just to add an extra option to the above comments if your simply looking to find out what polling method your existing devices are using then there are many methods, but I would personally run a report. Use a Custom Table and add the DataSource as All Nodes (If that is what you want to capture) then put some headers in and your off, here is my example: