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    A little SQL filtering help for the Down Nodes report.


      For years I've relied on NPM's front page view with the "Down Nodes" section in it:



      When I started monitoring nodes that my Network Team isn't interested in seeing showing up in the above window, I just clicked the Edit button and used this format:


      Caption not like 'E15*' AND Caption not like 'PVS*'


      The result was that any node whose name started with "E15" and any node name starts with "PVS" is not displayed in this window when the node goes down.


      That list has grown longer and longer over time.  Today I got (what I thought was) a bright idea:  Filter it so it only shows down nodes I'm interested, instead of filtering out nodes I'm NOT interested in.


      So I started with removing the "not" statements, and then put in something that's part of many nodes' names:   Caption like '*SW*' AND Caption like '*FW*'


      I saved it and was pleased to see nothing showed down anymore.  Except, something with '*FW*' IS down, and it's not showing up.  OK, my logic is goofy.


      So I took my statement and changed all  "AND" to "OR" and reapplied.  And of course, EVERY NODE in my network with those characters in their names showed up.  So that had to go.


      Is there a way to use this "Down Nodes" view and only show the nodes I want, instead of NOT showing the nodes I DON'T want?


      Maybe I need to build something separate & completely different--a new Report to add to this View?


      What am I doing incorrectly, my friends?  Besides not knowing SQL basics.