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    Renamed Routers and NTA stopped collecting


      Last week I changed the hostname of almost all of my routers and now most of them aren't reporting NTA flow information. I did not change anything in regards to NTA on the remote routers. The nodes report Netflow v0 now.


      Do I have to completely remove the node and re-add it? I'm using NTA 4.2.0. Thank you.

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          Are you getting any events in NTA to suggest data is getting there, but is not processed for some reason?

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              It didn't look like it. I think I've narrowed it down to the Netflow configuration on the interfaces. The config predates me, but after enabling ip route-cache flow on FA 0/0 and setting ip flow ingress on the sub-interfaces it looks like it is working properly. Thank you.

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                  Try this config, it's Netflow v9 and enables NBAR2:


                  ip flow-cache timeout active 1


                  flow record NTArec

                  description IPv4 monitor

                  match ipv4 tos

                  match ipv4 protocol

                  match ipv4 source address

                  match ipv4 destination address

                  match transport source-port

                  match transport destination-port

                  match interface input

                  collect routing source as

                  collect routing destination as

                  collect routing source as peer

                  collect routing destination as peer

                  collect routing next-hop address ipv4 bgp

                  collect interface output

                  collect flow direction

                  collect counter bytes

                  collect counter packets

                  collect application name


                  flow exporter NTAexp

                  destination x.x.x.x

                  source Loopback2

                  transport udp 2055

                  template data timeout 60

                  option application-table timeout 60

                  option application-attributes timeout 300


                  flow monitor NTAmon

                  exporter NTAexp

                  cache timeout inactive 60

                  cache timeout active 60

                  record NTArec


                  interface <pick each interface>

                  ip nbar protocol-discovery

                  ip flow monitor NTAmon input

                  ip flow monitor NTAmon output

                  ip flow ingress

                  ip flow egress



                  This is extra, it provides real time visibility using "show ip flow top-talkers"

                  ip flow-top-talkers

                  top 10 

                  sort-by bytes