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    VMware issue scanner in Virtualization Manager


      Virtualization Manager is already packed with great monitoring capabilities for the VMware (or Hyper-V) virtualized infrastructure. But there could be always better information that leads to higher availability or more secured datacenters. What I like about the entire Solarwinds product portfolio are rich customization possibilities and this does not exclude VMAN. Anytime VMware engineer or admin receives "down" or "critical" alert from the VMAN and starts troubleshoot the problem, yet probably already thinking of: "why that happened?" or "how can I make sure this won't happen again?". Successful fix leads usually to validation if such configuration issue is not present on rest of the infrastructure, but usually, it takes hours and hours to validate.


      Also, where do you go and seek for the answer if you exactly don't know what to do? Yes, to Google to seek for  "ESXi PSOD error xyz", "host is performance issues" or similar. Not surprisingly many times the answer leads to VMware knowledge base , and you are lucky that somebody else had and solved the problem before.   When I spot Runecast Analyzer for the first time, I thought this would be a great extension of Solarwinds VMAN so it tells you not only what's UP, what's running out of resources but also what can go wrong with your setup. At the present, such KB search is a bit more difficult, because Google no longer indexes VMware KB IDs and it is harder to find the "how-to" for patching the system.


      For that purpose, I would like to share with you a simple customization of VMAN dashboard which ads visibility into all critical issues which already happened to someone and can happen on your systems too. The new custom resource connects to the Runecast Analyzer tool and gives the Virtualization Manager visibility into all potential VMware issues/KBs (availability, security, best-practices). Why I find this useful? Because VMAN tells me what is the critical part of my virtualized infrastructure with all important business (micro)services and Runecast scan tells me what can happen and how to fix the problem.


      The result may look like this:

      Runecast Analyzer integration with VMAN


      The integration is using Solarwinds custom HTML resource and Runecast Analyzer API. You can download an example of the integration from the content exchange: SW_RA integration v1.0.html 


      What do you think, does such a "VMware issue scanner" integration help in your virtualized IT world?