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      Hi All

      We are still using an old version of WHD  Suddenly it is prompting for a user name and password to connect to the DB.  We unfortunately inherit the system and we do not have the user name and password.  Is there any way to reset? Hi All We are still using an old version of WHD 10.1.1reset?




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          fluffy midnight

          Do you know what database type you are using?

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              Frontbase4 embedded DB

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                  1. Launch the FrontBaseManager application located in /Applications/WebHelpDesk (Mac OS X) or Start > Applications > Web Help Desk (Windows)


                  2. Go to the File menu and select "Open Database..."


                  3. See attached screenshot for connection details.  Fill in 'whd' for the user password.


                  4. To view tables, click on the 'Schema Objects' option in the left hand column.




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                      I believe the default password back then was just        whd        (unless someone changed it)



                      If you can get connected and you want to change the password for a user:

                      Find the TECH table, then find the row with a USER_NAME field matching the username of the user whose password you want to change.

                      Enter the new password in the PASSWORD field as plain text.

                      When the user successfully authenticates into WHD, the plain text password will be replaced with an encrypted hash.




                      Use the SQL Interpreter screen to enter and execute the SQL statement below.  You can use plain text for the password and the app will encrypt it when you log in successfully.

                      UPDATE TECH SET user_name='admin', password='EnterYourDesiredPasswordHere' WHERE client_id=1