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    Some questions about simplified Chinese localization of Web UI?


      As you know, SolarWinds provides German and Japanese localization for Orion Web UI, but it does not provide simplified Chinese localization.

      Although English on the WEB UI is easy for technicians, but it is a bit hard for managers or other staffs. So I tried to make a simplified Chinese localization language for WEB UI.

      As a network administrator, without any foundation of programming, I have finished most of WEB UI localization through my own exploration and efforts.

      But there are some strings left cannot find the exact localization method, for example below:


      I have translated these strings within the corresponding *.resx files (locate in inetpub\SolarWinds\App_GlobalResources directory) or .dll files (locate in inetpub\SolarWinds\bin directory).Even I have translated some table's content in the Orion database.But only these strings are still not translated.


      Could anyone tell me how to solve this problem?

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          At last, I figured out the way to translate these strings. Most of these stings are located in *.js files, using the resource ID to dynamically reference the strings in the DLL files. I have translated the DLL files and build additional localization DLL resource files. These DLL localization resource files work fine, but only the dynamic references in the *.js files cannot work.


          Finally, I replace the reference IDs in the *.js file with Chinese translation of the corresponding strings in the DLL files to accomplish fully localization.


          Obviously, this is a stupid way, but with my current knowledge of programming, this is the only way to solve my problem. Is there anyone better suggestions?


          BTW: I use Radialix to translate the DLL files and build localized resource files.