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    I'd like to send a configuration change script only to all nodes managed by one poller.  But NPM can't send config changes, and NCM can't sort by poller.  Is there a simple way to do this?


      When I to go NCM Config Management, I can sort by many things to show the devices I want to change.  But I can't sort them by Polling Engine, and therefore it seems I must manually add the nodes to be modified, after viewing those managed by a a particular polling engine from a separate window.  Certainly inconvenient.


      Similarly, when I go to Manage All Nodes, I can easily sort them by Polling Engine, and see all that are managed by each Polling Engine.  But there is no option to push a configuration script to all of them, other than going back into NCM and selecting them manually.


      How would you try to achieve this goal?  Is this simply a Feature Request?  Or can I do something creative with SDK and SWQL?