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    General Windows Service Monitor Template


      I am getting the SAM set up for our Servers and I am looking to get the Services monitored.


      What is the best way to create a template that can be used on every server? There are several servers that have certain services and others don't. Is there a way to select all the services to be monitored and then when the template is applied to each server that they only monitor the services needed? Also, if there is a new service added to a server, what is the best way to get it added to the monitor template?

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          You can either build your own from scratch...meaning add all the services you want, or you can use the Component monitor wizard and pull the services in from an example node. 


          As for one template that fits all...I'm not sure if there is such a thing...If you're looking at general services that every Windows server has then this might be an option, but in my experience most people are monitoring services that are unique to apps running on the server.


          In regards to adding services to templates...you just need to open the template, add a component...select windows service, add the service name and you're done.

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              I have the same application running on multiple servers so ideally would like one application monitor to apply to them all.


              The issue i have is, the service name also contains the version number of the installed application.  I want to avoid updating these on first assignment and when new applications are installed or upgraded.


              Any suggestions?

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              I have begun switching all the individual service monitors that we have created over the years to using a single template that has a component for all the individual services that I want to monitor on the various servers.  In the template, I disable most of the component monitors.  Then when I add a new component to the template, I apply it to a new server, and disable all but the targeted service on that server.  Not automated for sure, but makes for one stop shopping as I'm only dealing with one service monitor of this type.  It makes my alerts seamless though because I have the Alert set to look for down application monitors in this one application monitor, and that never needs to be modified no matter how many new services/servers are affected by the Application Monitor.


              Application Monitor Components:



              Trigger Condition:

              Trigger Action:

              (Sends email to the email in a custom property we maintain on all nodes called "Contact_Email".)


              Send email to ${N=SwisEntity;M=Node.CustomProperties.Contact_email}


              Trigger Message:

              Alert: Application  ${N=SwisEntity;M=ApplicationAlert.ApplicationName} on Node ${N=SwisEntity;M=Node.Caption} is ${N=SwisEntity;M=ApplicationAlert.ApplicationAvailability}



              Components with Problem:  ${N=SwisEntity;M=ApplicationAlert.ComponentsWithProblemsFormatted}

              Triggered At: ${N=Alerting;M=AlertTriggerTime;F=DateTime}



              All Components:




              Alert Name: ${N=Alerting;M=AlertName}

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