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    Netpath error "No data found"


      We have been using Netpath since it came out, and it has worked very well for us until recently.  Two weeks ago, we had our normal Windows patching weekend.  A couple of days later, I discoverd that all of our Netpath probes were no longer displaying in NPM.  All of them have the following error:


      No Data Found

      Netpath has no data about this time interval.  If this happens often, consider increasing the probing interval by 5 or 10 minutes.


      We have almost 20 Netpath servers that stopped working.  I have reinstalled the agent on one of our Netpath servers.  I also rebooted our main poller and it started to display Netpath data, but it stopped eventually.  Today I rebooted it and the amount of time displayed was even shorter before all of them stopped showing data in NPM.


      I do have a case open on this, but that almost two weeks ago so I'm looking to see if anyone else has any recommendations.