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    NPM 12.2 installation - Question about Microsoft Monitoring Agent (SCM)


      Hi Community,


      We install the NPM on the cloud.


      Some packages are delivered with the VM and one of these packages is “Microsoft Monitoring Agent”.


      The wizard asks to close some applications before continuing the installation. (see the image)


      What we can discuss with the cloud support team is to raise an exception, disable or uninstall the Microsoft Monitoring Agent during installation.


      For this exceptional change request, I must clearly explain the influence of SolarWinds on this package.


      I sent a ticket to the SolarWinds support team: If SolarWinds detects this package, it means that they can describe the reason.


      Therefore, does SolarWinds modify the monitoring software already installed or the configuration used for monitoring?


      For the community, the question is: someone have been confronted to the same problem, and what was the impact of “stopping” the Microsoft Monitoring Agent ?


      Thanks in advance

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          This means there is a lock on files which need to be updated by the installer. This commonly occurs when the Windows Event Log is locked by some process, preventing us from registering our DLLs so that Orion Windows Events can be written to the Windows Event Log. Stopping these services may not be absolutely required. It’s not uncommon for software to inadvertently hold open files long after they’re no longer needed. A reboot of the machine typically clears these out. If that does not resolve the issue, then those services must be stopped to unlock the files and allow Orion to register itself with the operating system.

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            The reboot did not resolve the problem, the steps have been as follows: Install SW 12.0.1 (old installer), and then upgrade to version 12.2 (no problem with services being run runtime such as Microsoft Monitoring Agent).

            Therefore, the problem is the new SolarWinds installer, it's unfortunate that the 'ignore' button is no more present in the new installer.

            The cloud infrastructure team does not want to stop the monitoring service, they calculate the SLA based on this application.

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