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    Why no x64 Firefox ESR?


      In the Mozilla category, there are x86 and x64 (and upgrade) packages for Firefox, but for Firefox ESR there is only the one.

      Is this an oversight? Or is there a reason for this?

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          Firefox ESR is the stable release of Firefox. Firefox 57 (current release) recently defaulted to x64 when downloading and installing. My guess would be that in order to maintain backwards compatibility with x86 computers, and to reduce the number of versions that have to be maintained, Mozilla simply isn't ready to release a x64 version of ESR. If you look in the Prerequisite Rules for ESR 52.5.2, the latest ESR version, it supports everything from XP SP2 and up, and this is confirmed on Mozilla's ESR Overview website. They also note that support for XP and Vista is going to be cut after ESR 52, so when ESR 59 comes out, I bet they will offer a x64 version. By the time ESR 59 is out, Quantum should be fully implemented and will be much more efficient for x64 machines.


          If you would like to keep up to date, Mozilla has an Enterprise mailing list (https://mail.mozilla.org/listinfo/enterprise) you can sign up for. Sometimes it gets a little ridiculous, but it has really good information, especially if you sign up for the Digest version. The Digest version keeps the emails down to about once a day.


          Hope that helps!