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    Wait before applying Orion Platform 2017.3 Hotfix 3!  Current 12/13/2017


      I saw a new Hotfix on the Support Portal yesterday, and one of the Solarwinds staff recommended I deploy it to address new issues.


      There was no link to documentation about the Hotfix, so I downloaded it but did not install it.  Instead I opened a case with SW Support this morning about it, asking for a documentation link, and caveats.


      Here's the response I just received:


      -----------(quoted SW Support response begins)--------------


      Here is the release notes for that hotfix:




      Kindly do not apply that hotfix yet as our development
      team is still fixing some issues with it. We do not have the timeline as of the
      moment on when it will be fully ready.



      SolarWinds Technical Support


      ------------(response ends)------------