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    How to monitor Juniper Space/Network Management Platform using NPM




      I'm trying to add a node in NPM and having trouble. Specifically, I have a virtual server appliance running Juniper Space Network Management Platform that I've configured to use SNMPv3 on. From my Solarwinds server, I can use the MIB Walk tool from the Engineer's Toolset with the credentials I configured on the Space node and it can read the MIBs just fine. However when I try to add a node to the same IP address with the same credentials from NPM, I get an error saying "Node does not respond with the supplied read/write SNMPv3 credentials."


      I already have a ticket open with JTAC who helped me configure SNMPv3 to get this far, but we are currently stuck at this point. Does anyone have any ideas on how to add this in as a monitored node?