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    CatTools: No Results From Device.CLI.Send.commands script against Palo Alto 3050 firewall


      I have a Palo Alto 3050 running 8.0.6.  I created a job to send some commands to the firewall and write the output to a file.


      The test commands I'm sending are:


      set cli pager off

      set cli scripting-mode on

      show system info


      It really doesn't matter what command I send I never receive any output.   Here is what is written to the file/the output:



      fw(active)> set cli [Kjodonnel-adm@NBDCRPIFW1(active)> set cli pager fw(active)> set cli pager off


      fw(active)> set

      fw(active)> set cli

      fw(active)> set cli scripting-mode fw(active)> set cli scripting-mode on

      fw(active)> show system info



      I can't tell if the firewall isn't interpreting the carriage return of is experiencing an issue with the interactive session.


      Wondering if anyone else experienced this issue.  I opened an case with support almost 3 weeks ago.  Uploaded a bunch of debugs and screen shots, but not response from tech support since......