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    Can you use Custom Properties in the configuration of Oracle Experience Monitor




      I'm new to SolarWinds.  I'm looking at the Oracle Experience Component and how I can use it to extract specific metrics and KPIs for my Oracle Estate.   I can see that I can create multiple components to capture all of the KPIs that I need and assign to a template, but its painful if you then have to specifically set the destination end point name for each component for each instance.     Is there a better way to do this?


      For example can we use a variable declaration as the Destination End Point Name?  I have a large oracle Estate and I would like to just point the template at the estate, with the associated credentials and job done.  Having to set the Destination End Point Name for 10-20 components, per database instance is not really practical.  Are Custom Properties the Key?  Can they be referenced?


      thanks  in advance guys