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    Ticket Sections Disappearing Randomly ???


      We have had many instances where sections of the ticket disappear when a Technician attempts to assign a Technician or enter a note.  These issues do not happen with every ticket, they are very random.


      • When clicking on the New Note button, the notes section completely vanishes.  It is not minimized, it simply cannot be found anywhere in the ticket.  Our Technicians have to get out of the ticket and go back in, seems like it simply needs to refresh for some reason.  This happens very randomly and we have not been able to pinpoint exactly why this is happening.  I believe it is a system issue.
      • When closing a ticket and clicking Save, we are automatically redirected to the ticket screen.  Typically, we receive a confirmation message at the top of the ticket stating that the changes have been saved, and if an email has been sent out.  There are instances where we do not see the confirmation message at all and are simply directed back to the ticket page after clicking save.
      • When assigning a technician, the Details section (which includes the Client info, assigned tech, request type, subject, and request details) vanishes.  Again, very random (few and far between...but still a mystery we would like to solve).


      Has anyone else experienced any of these issues?


      Thank you.

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          I have the same issue both on my production system and development system.

          It's been happening for a few years now off and on. I believe that it's a browser issue that is affecting the current page session, although it seems to happen in Chrome, IE, Edge & Firefox it all points to the WHD doing something strange.


          I have a support call with Solarwinds at the moment, but it's difficult to debug and simulate. I will suggest that you open a support call, and send them a Health Check log and WHD Log, maybe there is something in there which they can see why it's happening.


          I'm currently running 12.5.1 and I've also tried 12.5.2 with the same issue.


          The only temporary suggestion is to go to the Tech setting and disable Enable UI Enhancements, to see if that helps. Some of my techs say that helps, but I'm not so sure. This might have other affects in the web interface, so be warned.



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            fluffy midnight

            This is an issue with Web Objects and is being reworked by the Development Team.

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